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United Laboratories Donated Awarded 1.5 million Scholarship 2011

United Laboratories Donated Awarded 1.5 million Scholarship 2011


Since this year, United Laboratories has awarded 1.53 million “United Laboratories Medical Education Scholarship” and “United Laboratories Young and Middle-aged Pharmacist Training Fund”. 15 medical universities and colleges, such as Fujian Medical University, Chongqing Medical University, Guangxi Medical University, Xiangya Medical College of Central South University, Anhui University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Harbin Medical University, etc., were awarded the United Laboratories scholarship.

In response to the national strategic plan of “prospering the nation with science and education ”, Cai Jinle, Chairman of Board to United Laboratories, donated 38 million RMB in 1998 to establish the “United Laboratories Medical Education Scholarship” I 38 medial colleges and universities in China, aiming to promote the development of national medical education, improve people’s medical and health level, encourage college students to study hard and contribute for the rejuvenation of Chinese people and people’s health. In this year, more than 1.5 million RMB have been donateded further in 15 domestic medical colleges and universities, the patriotic move to support national medical education were supported and appraised by national department leadership and specially reported in People’s Daily, Chinese Medicine, Guangming Daily and Yangcheng Evening News, etc.

                                          Responsible editorLi Jinling

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