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Clindamycin Phosphate Gel Awarded Pharmaceutical GMP Certificate

Clindamycin Phosphate Gel Awarded Pharmaceutical GMP Certificate


On July 26, good news came from United Laboratories Zhangshan Branch. After the four-day (July 1 to 4) rigorous inspection by GMP certification expert group, Guangdong Food and Drug Administration, the expert group made the comprehensive evaluation that, United Laboratories complies with the pharmaceutical GMP certification evaluation standard, and clindamycin phosphate gel awarded pharmaceutical is awarded with the GMP certificate. Till now, the ointment and cream (inclusive of hormone) of Zhangshan Branch have passed the site inspection of GMP recertification.


During on-site inspection, GMP certification inspection team, from twelve aspects like the quality administration organization and personnel, plant and facility, equipment, material, health, verification, document, production management, quality management, product marketing and recycling and complaint, etc., carried out comprehensive inspection on the implementation of Good Manufacturing Practice. Expert group highly appreciated the overall works concerning the implementation of GMP done by United Laboratories, and given higher evaluation on the certification works. The group considers that, the works done by Zhangshan Branch forms an integral system integrating the plan, scheme, implementation and summarization; and they recognized the work style of United Laboratories featuring the involvement of people and attaching importance to the work as well as normative GMP system.

In order to smoothly pass the recertification, Zhongshan Branch sets up a GMP certification leadership group to plan, arrange in advance as per the GMP requirement, and systematically complete the certification and software and hardware renovation works. The group held coordination meetings, actively carried out self-check as per the inspection regulation, clarified responsibilities, and effectively ensured the smooth pass of the certification. 

                                                                                              Responsible editor:Li Jinling

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