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Technological Breakthrough Achieved by United Laboratories

Technological Breakthrough Achieved by United Laboratories

Successful Launching of Enzymatic Amoxicillin


The newspaper news (by Yang Huanxin): On March 11, 2011, the self-development enzymatic amoxicillin of United Laboratories was officially granted the national production approval. With the roaring of machines in the amoxicillin enzymatic production workshop in the Inner Mongolia Branch, the amoxicillin firstly produced by enzymatic production process was successfully launched. The amoxicillin enzymatic production workshop with annual output of 10, 000 tons and building area of 16, 583m2, will definitely cause great repercussions in the aspect of amoxicillin production in China.


Looking at the global enzymatic amoxicillin market, United Laboratories is the second pharmaceutical enterprise acquiring the technology. “The amoxicillin technique is a revolutionary breakthrough, at present, United Laboratories has been the first producer of enzymatic production amoxicillin API in China, Cai Jinle, Chairman of Board to the United Laboratories, said proudly.

Since its establishment, United Laboratories Inner Mongolia Co., Ltd., the largest comprehensive pharmaceutical enterprises in the northwest region, has been producing amoxicillin API with chemical method, using chemical solution like the dichloromethane in the production which not only bring about a series of problems such as energy waste, difficult solvent recovery and large equipment investment, etc., but also require re-innovation of products in terms of impurity, content and color grade. Therefore, in the early stage of establishment, the senior leaders of Inner Mongolia Branch have focused on the technical innovation of amoxicillin.  

In terms of the innovation of amoxicillin production technology, it will be the best way to substitute chemical method with green enzymatic technology. The difference between them is that, enzymatic technology requires neither chemical synthesis nor crystallization under organic solvent conditions, while after the effect of enzyme, semi-synthetic products will be generated directly under the penicillin zymophyte solution. Compared with amoxillion produced by chemical method, the enzymatic amoxicillin has many advantages: white, high content, small impurity, low residual solvent and safer medication.

For this reason, significant progress and breakthrough has been made for the enzymatic amoxicillin in terms of environmental protection, safety and costs. In terms of environmental protection, due to the application of aqueous phase single-step synthesis, and the major raw materials are the acid, alkali and enzyme preparation, free of any other chemical raw materials and solutions, the damage and pollution on the environment caused by organics is reduced, and the COD (chemical oxygen demand) in water is reduced 80%, nearly without any environment pollution. As to the safety, enzymatic amoxicillin, produced by aqueous phase, is neutral in PH value, non-toxic, odorless, harmless to human health, free of any safety hazards like the flammability and explosion, and low in safety investment. As to the costs, the costs of enzymatic amoxicillin produced with normal temperature (60ºC for chemical method) is far less than the amoxicillin produced by chemical method.

Competition in the amoxicillin market is actually the competition in the new technology, new process and low costs. The amoxicillin enzymatic technology innovation research group of Inner Mongolia Branch have tackled difficulty and turned the enzymatic amoxicillin into production eventually after endless probes and experiments. By utilizing the advantage, United Laboratories will significantly increase the production output and expand the market share.

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