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Institute of Pharmaceutical Chemistry of United Laboratories was established in 1998, comprising three functional departments, synthesis room, preparation room and analysis room, mainly undertakes following tasks: approval for the chemical drug development project, technical study of chemical drug raw material as well as chemical pharmaceutical preparations, quality research of chemical drugs, stability studies and declaration, and declaration of related science and technology projects. 
Institute of Pharmaceutical Chemistry is composed of a deep pool of excellent medicine and pharmacological professionals with bachelor degree above, of which, 30% with graduate degrees and 50% with professional titles, now has been a professional drug research and management team with rational structure and international vision. In addition, the center has advanced research equipments, including SHIMADZU high performance liquid chromatography, gas chromatograph, Germany Pharmatest dissolution meter, SHIMADZU UV-PDA Spectrophotometer, Germany Alexander granulator, Switzerland Mettler balance and Germany Memmert electro-thermal blowing dry box and LYO - 0.5 type small freeze-dryer. It is equipped with requisite perfect condition to carry out innovative research and complete set of high standard instruments and equipments necessary for chemical drug research, and has also established the drug research management system, effectively ensuring the orderly operation of drug research.
Since its establishment, Institute of Pharmaceutical Chemistry has been actively establishing long-term friendly cooperative relationship with colleges and universities as well as research institutes at home and abroad, formed the strategic cooperation of industry, college and institute to carry out the research of chemicals with proprietary intellectual property rights: development of antiviral new drugs and other anti-infection drugs in cooperation with Sichuan Industrial Institute of Antibiotics, development of senile dementia drugs with Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS); development of new type of quinolone antibiotics and antidepressant with CAMS(Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences); research on new type of cephalosporin antibiotics with Zhongshan University; development of diabetic drugs with Chinese Medicine Research and Development Center; and the research on antitumor drug with Chongqing Medical University. 
Institute of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, since its establishment, has developed more than 100 new drugs and medicines, laying down solid basis for company to achieve economic benefit: in 2004, Youbiqing cream, a new drug launched by United Laboratories features evident curative effect, low recurrence rate, little side effect, small dosage, fewer tines of usage, convenience and curative to sorts of reproductive wart, easily removing the wart and alleviating the patient; in 2007, Adefovir Dipivoxil Capsules, a new product for curing chronic hepatitis b, was produced by our company, and has brought new hope for patients since it features evident curative effect, safety and reliability and low drug-resistance; in 2008, the imipenem cilastatin sodium for injection designed for curing severe infection was approved to enter the market. It is effective, safe and reliable, and can be able to quickly kill sorts of disease germs, shorten course of treatment, improve success rate of the first treatment and reduce infection mortality.

In the future, Institute of Pharmaceutical Chemistry will be oriented to engage in the research and development of new products in various areas such as the anti-infection, diabetes mellitus, anti-tumor, nerve system disease, cardiovascular and cerebra vascular disease, endocrine, ophthalmic drugs and obesity, incessantly expand the research range of drugs and medicines, carry out wide cooperation and make endless contribution to the development of human medicine. 

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