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Zhuhai United Laboratories Trading Company Limited (TUL Trading Company) is subsidiary of TUL group which main works for selling APIs and intermediates. Based on two manufacturers (Zhuhai United and TUL Inner Mongolia Plant), by virtue of its powerful advantages, TUL Trading company maintain high occupation ratio in the domestic market and actively expand the global market. Main API and Intermediates for selling are included Semi-synthetic Penicillins,Cephalosporins,β-Lactam enzyme inhibitor and blends,Carbopenems, Intermediates as 6-APA,Penicillin G potassium first crystal,etc.


TUL Trading Company has one specialized sales team, total employee is around 100, which include 6 masters, 58 bachelors, average age is around 30.


TUL Trading Company successfully built up global marketing network, whose APIs and intermediates products have reached 60 countries from Europe, Latam, South-east Asia, Middle east and Africa, India, etc. TUL’s clients include some well-known international pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer, DSM, Sanofi, and Teva.


TUL Trading Company takes pride in bringing the clients the world’s first supplier of Amoxicillin API; provide the one-stop solution for the clients request for a superior quality API of Amoxicillin in China, Europe, Latam, South-east Asia, Middle-east and Africa.

TUL Trading Company won the "API export leading enterprise" and "CPHI API production and trade gold enterprises" for five years, won the top 10 member enterprises to export raw material in China, top 100 chemical pharmaceutical industry in China industrial enterprise, excellent suppliers& partners in International market year after year.

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