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Where is the injection site of insulin?

Abdomen (at the fastest absorption rate), lateral upper arm, thigh anterolateral, buttock (at the slowest absorption rate).


How about the rotation of injection site?

1. Keep a space of 2.5 cm (about the width of two fingers;

2. Do not inject insulin 5 cm around the umbilical region.


What is the correct injection method?

1. Pinch a fold of skin for injection: the effective way to ensure correct subcutaneous injection is to use short thin syringe needle.

2. It is necessary to ensure subcutaneous injection but not in the muscular layer, or the absorption curve of insulin will not be consistent with the absorption peak of blood sugar which may fluctuates significantly.



What is the disadvantage of injecting at the same site repeatedly?

It will result in subcutaneous fat induration, unpleasing appearance, cause fear or resistance to the injection, easily lead to incorrect injection method, affect the absorption of insulin, produce local rash, induration and discomfort.


How to deal with the hypoglycemia when using insulin?

Hypoglycemia will be accompanied by symptoms like sweating, inability, palpitation, hunger sensation and agitation; it can be confirmed by testing blood sugar with blood glucometer, take sweetened foods immediately; if condition not permitting, the patient should not persist, directly take some food that contain sugar.  


How to judge if it is subcutaneous injection?

Slight pain, even shake the needle tubing slightly; less exudation.


Syringe needle should be replaced for each injection, if not, what is the harm it may cause?

It will result in leakage of insulin, bubble, changed insulin concentration, needle point blockage and incorrect injection dosage.


What consequences may be caused by damaged needle point?

It will cause micro trauma to the tissues, part or all needle part contained inside body, high incidence of subcutaneous fat induration (failure to change injection site in time, repeatedly use needle, micro trauma to the tissues --- local growth factor) and injection pain.


How about the nursing during treatment in the insulin pump?

Evaluate the recognition and reception of patient; load medicine: rise to room temperature; drug administration: tubing blockage? Be sure smooth and able to inject; glucose monitoring: fasting, 2h before and after meals, before bedtime, at nighttime; pay attention to the residual content of drug, consumption of battery; insulin type.

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